How to Reboot your WinHH

    1.    Warm Reboot

    Always try a warm reboot first. In the event that a handheld is frozen or locked up, always attempt a soft reboot first. A soft reboot restarts the handheld, similar to rebooting a PC. Data loss is a risk, depending on how and where the handheld locked up. For example, if you were in the middle of entering an invoice when the handheld locked up, anything that you had not saved before the handheld locked up will probably not be available to you after the reboot. To perform a warm reboot on the WinHH, you must push three buttons on the handheld keypad at the same time:

         1.1    Push the Yellow, Esc, and Blue buttons simultaneously to perform a warm reboot of the handheld. The buttons to push are indicated in the following image.

    2.    Cold Reboot

    The cold reboot is similar to the warm reboot. It also restarts the handheld. However, a cold reboot is more like shutting down the PC and starting it up again. While PDI/Store Assistant software and data committed to the disk is preserved during a cold reboot, you may lose any data related to any transaction you are currently working on.

    To perform a cold reboot:

         2.1  Remove the battery pack from the WinHH.

          2.2   On the front of the handheld, push and hold down the SCAN button.

          2.3   Without releasing the SCAN button, use the stylus (located on the side of the HH) to  push the reset button.

          2.4   After pushing the reset button, you can release the SCAN button and replace the battery pack on the handheld. You will know that the battery is correctly in place when you hear a click.

    Press the Power button to boot the handheld.

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